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Made in Italy


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We’re Looking forward to seeing this collection over the weekend.

Paper company Fedrigoni has collaborated with UK design studio SEA and the Aiaparchive in Milan to produce a London exhibition and series of books on post-war Italian graphic design…

Made in Italy consists of an exhibition, a case-bound limited edition book and also four individual books – each dedicated to the work of a particular Italian graphic designers, the first two being Franco Grignani (1908-1999) and Giancarlo Iliprandi (1925-).

Other Italian designers whose work will feature in the show next month at the Protein gallery, Studio 2, in London’s Shoreditch – and in the single edition book – include Mario Dagrada, Mimmo Catellano and Heinz Waibl.

The project has been made possible thanks to the extensive body of work housed at Aiap, the Associazione Italiana Design Della Comunicazione Visiva. A few images from SEA’s tour of the organisation’s Graphic Design Documentation Centre, which is dedicated to collecting and preserving the country’s graphic design history, are shown in the post.

The aim of Made in Italy is to bring the work of some of Italy’s most celebrated graphic design practitioners to more prominence in the UK. While the more familiar names of Griganani and Iliprandi are now rightly held up as leaders in their field, many other lesser known figures have perhaps not had the international exposure they deserve.

SEA say that they have also produced a set of posters for the project, including a reproduction of Iliprandi’s skull and crossbones design he produced for Arflex in 1970 (see book spread below).

Made in Italy will be launched at Studio 2, 31 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EY on June 11. General admission is Friday 12 and Saturday 13, 10am-5pm (free). See mii.london for more details.  – Creative Review 

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A Tribute to Discomfort

A Tribute to Discomfort: Cory Richards from Blue Chalk on Vimeo.

An amazing collection of photographs and stories. Cory puts himself in the most extreme conditions which he is then able to translate through his photography.

Blue Chalk worked with National Geographic Photographer and North Face athlete Cory Richards to create a promotional piece to demonstrate the scope of his work and the passion and athleticism that accompanies him in the field.

A Tribute to Discomfort brings the viewer through Cory’s stunning work, his unique sense of humor, and his quest to create photographs that relate a common humanity.

Created by Blue Chalk Media http://bluechalk.com

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Le Chocolat

LE CHOCOLAT – Alain Ducasse from Simon Pénochet on Vimeo.

Built from an old Renault Garage in the center of Paris, near Place de la Bastille, Alain Ducasse’s new chocolate factory was created with the willingness to get back to the roots of chocolate making : a careful, slow and patient work, craftsmanship and machines being as one. This short film gives us a vision of chocolate like we never see it, rough and sensual at the same time.

Director : Simon Pénochet
Director of photography : Yann Tribolle
Producer : Pierre Baussaron
Production company : Blast production
Music: Flairs / Third side record

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Michael Halsband


A charming interview with Michael Halsband, showing his brilliant and extensive catalog of work. We like his thoughts on the digital age and how composition is becoming more key as most cameras can do the hard bit now.

The iconic photo from the 1980s of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat boxing each other is a personal favourite, and has always made me want to learn more about the photographer, Michael Halsband. So I recently sought him out for an interview. It wasn’t easy, but after many calls, I was able to track him down and he graciously agreed to meet me at his studio.

The Rolling Stones. James Brown. Iggy Pop. AC/DC. Johnny Depp — the list goes on and on. These are just a few of the legendary names that Halsband has worked with in his career. There is no question that he is one of the most influential and visionary photographers of our time.

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Everything has a story

Patagonia / Worn Wear from george manzanilla @ rundfunk on Vimeo.

Quite a long film, but really worth a watch. It takes us across the US to meet some of Patagonia’s customers.

Some of them have bought there clothing second hand, some are hand-me downs but each piece has lasted and been a part of a terrific journey.

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A Product Journey

Worth Holding Onto – Short No. 001 from Tanner Goods on Vimeo.

Its great watching how things are made, all the little stories they have before you’ve made the purchase. All the various craftsmen that have come into contact with it during its creation.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget looking at product how many design stages it must have gone through, how many tests and how many processes’ before it is presented to you. So sit back and enjoy the insight.

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Brand A City

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To brand a city; possibly one of the most exciting projects you could undertake as a studio. The studios that collaborated on this project had some really nice conceptional ideas and how the branding can be applied in various situations.

“The Eindhoven typeface has a course look, almost as if it’s unfinished,” he adds. “It’s based on duct tape lettering, to represent that ‘under construction’ feel and is designed to be highly recognisable, fitting the ‘vibe’ of the logo.”

Eindhoven’s tone of voice has also been updated: its official welcome sign now reads ‘glad you are here’ instead of simply ‘welcome to Eindhoven’, “because that’s the kind of mentality we want to communicate,” says Kentie.

Keep updated with the branding launch  here.

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Liberty Tools

There’s No Place Like Here: Liberty Tool from Etsy on Vimeo.

This was one of the things you find on the net in which you would give anything for this
place to exist in your hometown. A place where a chap is named Skip and each product has a history and deserves a future.

H.G. “Skip” Brack salvages tools from all over New England to resell at affordable prices, in an effort to support his local economy and craftsmen..

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