DOS BCN X MONTANA COLORS AT OFFF BARCELONA 2015 from Montana Colors on Vimeo.

Like something out of a Manga film, this new technique of graffiti mapping is an exciting trip into whats potentially around the corner.

During the 15th Anniversary de OFFF 2015, Montana Colors together with DOSBCN Studio present the audiovisual piece, “Graffmapping”, where the mapping technique is projected over 14 80x80cm boxes (MTN Puzzl6), forming a pyramid of light and colour.

This sum of tools makes it possible to design a visual language that adapts to any space and surface, making any intervention ephemeral.

It’s a renewed vision of graffiti through the interaction of techniques, brought to us by the young design studio formed by Canary Island graffiti writers and designers, who are based in Barcelona.

Graffiti by ACBR
Mapping/Video by SUGLAS

Enjoy, The Narrative



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