The Diatomist from Matthew Killip on Vimeo.

THE DIATOMIST is a short documentary about Klaus Kemp, master of the Victorian art of diatom arrangement.

Diatoms are single cell algae that create jewel-like glass shells around themselves. Microscopists of the Victorian era would arrange them into complex patterns, invisible to the naked eye but spectacular when viewed under magnification.The best of these arrangements are stunning technical feats that reveal the hidden grandeur of some of the smallest organisms on Earth. Klaus Kemp has devoted his entire life to understanding and perfecting diatom arrangement and he is now acknowledged as the last great practitioner of this beautiful combination of art and science. THE DIATOMIST showcases his incredible work.

Soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Bernard Herrmann and Cults Percussion Ensemble.

MATTHEW KILLIP is an English filmmaker living in New York. His documentaries have been broadcast on UK television and exhibited in festivals including Sundance and True/False.

Wimbledon Perfectionists

A great combination of animation and story telling we have added photos below if you’re wondering what his car looks like…Beautiful.

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The short chronicles Zoltanski’s heritage as the trophy engraver at the Championships, a position he has held since 1979. Each year he travels from his home in Poland to perform his crucial role, travelling in his 55 year-old MG. For those curious, after watching the film, to know what he and his car look like in real life, these photos reveal.  –  CR-Blog

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IPPA Awards

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The IPPA Awards always seem to produce some amazing entries. I guess now that people always have there iPhone handy you never have those moments of  “Crap, i wish i had my camera!”.  Also with the breakthrough iPhone 5′ lens and panoramic HD settings; the sharpness of the shots look as though they have been taken with professional equipment.

See the IPPA Entries and Previous Winners

From a smiling fox to icy plains, the winners of the iPhone Photography Awards 2014 have been announced across seventeen categories (and not an annoying pouty selfie in sight)…

IPPAWARDS is the longest running iPhone photography competition, taking place annually since 2007, and is open internationally to submissions taken with an iPhone, iPod or iPad. Images cannot be altered in Photoshop or any desktop image-processing program, but the use of iPhone/iPhone photo apps is permitted, whilst originals may be required for verification.  Creative Review

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Horse Bicycles

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Hand built steeds! We came across this whilst doing some research for a project. It’s one of those places that you wish were down the road; so you could wander down and watch the creation.

GET TO WORK from Horse Cycles on Vimeo.

Horse Cycles is a small one-man custom bike shop tucked away in the streets of Brooklyn, NY. Each frame is made with love and care, innovation and inspiration and is 100% unique. The bicycles are made to fulfill each individuals needs by considering who you are, and where you ride. Horse’s goal is to make precision bicycles one at a time using the best possible materials while working in concert with the customer to improve their riding experience. Horse offers a small alternative to a massive production based industry by paying attention to the individual to create something that is made locally, by hand, and with no limitations.

†Thomas Callahan   \


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